Mushroom and Bacon Salad Recipe

You have bought or picked some delicious looking mushrooms, Portobello or button, brought them home and now what will you cook? You don’t have to go to our mushroom cookbook and recipe page (please do, please do … it’s OK, stick right here 😉 There are so many mushroom recipes in non-mushroom recipe books, which […]

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How to Dry Mushrooms

Easy Steps to Dry Mushrooms Step 1a – Grow your mushrooms Look for mushroom kits in our Grow Mushrooms Store. Methinks that we need a quicker solution. Ding, Ding! Step 1b – Buy, Borrow, Beg or Steal your Mushrooms Ah, that was a quicker way of getting some Agaricus bisporus, or button mushrooms. Phew. (Disclaimer: […]

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Easy Mushroom Pâté

Easy Mushroom Pâté Ingredients 250g fresh mushrooms 25g butter, salted or unsalted 2 to 4 cloves of garlic, chopped or smashed 250g cream cheese Salt and ground black pepper to taste Method You can use any edible mushrooms for this recipe, or a mixture of mushrooms. Wipe the mushrooms, trim the stalks and chop them small. […]

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