How to Dry Mushrooms

Easy Steps to Dry Mushrooms

Step 1a – Grow your mushrooms

Pleurotus or Oyster Mushroom growing on sawdust

Look for mushroom kits in our Grow Mushrooms Store.

Methinks that we need a quicker solution. Ding, Ding!

Step 1b – Buy, Borrow, Beg or Steal your Mushrooms

Ah, that was a quicker way of getting some Agaricus bisporus, or button mushrooms. Phew.

(Disclaimer: theft is usually illegal 🙂 )

Step 2 Clean and Slice Mushrooms

We may get into the wash/wipe/brush mushrooms controversy in another article. For the moment we mean ‘clean somehow’ your mushrooms.

Do I need to tell you how to slice a mushroom? Life’s too short, and nor may you borrow one of my favourite knives – it was my grandmother’s and has an edge on it like a … like a … like a very sharp knife.

Step 3 Load Your Food Dryer

Unless you live in a hot, dry, sunny climate (you wish!) do not use a washing line.

Drying button mushrooms on the washing line

Find your electric food dryer or dessicator (it’s next to your yoghurt maker and that lonely icecream maker).

Haven’t got a food dryer? Search for “food dryer” in any of our mushroom shops.

Start loading the food dryer’s trays with the sliced mushrooms.

Food dryer tray with sliced mushrooms and more

Loading tray with sliced Agaricus and more

Food dryer tray with sliced mushrooms first tray full!

Follow your food dryer’s instructions, and after a few hours you will have a delicious ingredient to keep in your kitchen store cupboard.

In the US, you can choose your dehydrator here.
In the UK, click on these dehydrators.
The food dryer shown here is my Andrew James Premium Digital Food Dehydrator.

(Cheat recipe tip: you can also buy dried mushrooms in our mushroom store)Save







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