How to Identify Mushrooms

Identifying Fungi The mainstay for accurately identifying mushrooms is a good field guide. A field guide should preferably be able to fit in a pocket of your jacket and the first suggestion is 4″x7.7″. The author of this popular guide, Gary H. Lincoff, has authored, co-authored, or edited several books and articles on mushrooms. He […]

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Growing Mushrooms

How to Start Growing Mushrooms If you would like to try growing fresh, tasty mushrooms at home, here are a few suggestions: Try a mushroom kit Buying a kit eliminates most of the more difficult steps and reduces the possibility of mistakes. Thus you can find out if growing Oyster or Button Mushrooms is for […]

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Easy Mushroom Pâté

Easy Mushroom Pâté Ingredients 250g fresh mushrooms 25g butter, salted or unsalted 2 to 4 cloves of garlic, chopped or smashed 250g cream cheese Salt and ground black pepper to taste Method You can use any edible mushrooms for this recipe, or a mixture of mushrooms. Wipe the mushrooms, trim the stalks and chop them small. […]

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Medical Use of Mushrooms

Editorial Policy, or ‘where am I coming from’? To start, I should stress that nothing in this site offers, or intends to offer medical advice; that’s your doctor’s job. Many research findings in the laboratory suggesting a possible beneficial effect, simply do not translate into a demonstrable beneficial effect when subjected to human clinical trials. So does […]

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